By | June 5, 2018

There has been rumor around that Apple Watch will get new design but finally, all rumor shuts when Apple unveiled that there is no change in design. So what’s new? Well despite of working on design this time Apple introduces latest features to watchOS 5.

The new features might keep alive some of the old models in the market – though not the original one, which will be abandon from watchOS 5 compatibility.

This simply translates that if you spend 17,000 bucks on any of those solid-gold models then you are out of luck. From watch faces to workouts, watchOS 5 got one of the best upgrades. Let’s know about the most important watchOS 5 features that you can’t afford to ignore.

The All New Apple watchOS 5 Features

Apple watchOS 5 Features

Fitness Features

You can’t deny the fact that Apple Watch is currently the best fitness tracker in the segment and no doubt after coming watchOS 5 it is getting better and enhanced.

The fitness upgrade starts with Activity app where apart from just keeping an eye on your own exercise you can now set up weekly competition with your friend’s circle.

It is more like multiplayer gaming where you are battling with your friends to earn a high score. Here you need to follow the same but the difference is, to earn rewards you need to step into the ground.

If you are already an Apple Watch user then you will be glad to know that Workouts have been enhanced. You will now find new pre-sets for outdoor running, hiking, cycling, yoga etc. in new Apple watchOS 5.

This will track various things like elevation, heart rate, and cadence. There is one more smart features has been added that you will love to know.

Actually, it has an advanced feature that will track when you’ve started the workout but the great thing about it is it will remind you if you forgot to end it.


As Apple Watches are already been recognized as one of the coolest ways to communicate, Apple added another more feature to watchOS 5 which is Walkie-Talkie.

It will need just one-time setup and after that, you are able to contact other Apple Watch user without any hassle. You just need to tap a talk button, flashing on the screen – this will get you rid of any kind of typing, dialling, or doodling.

The great thing part is it works seamlessly with Wi-Fi or LTE which promises you to keep connected every time.

Siri Watch Face

Siri Watch Face was introduced to watchOS 4 and at that, it gets lots of attention. The great thing is now that Siri Watch Face comes with lots of improvements.

First of all, there are new cards for heart rate, maps, sports scores, moreover, its shortcut has been added to iOS 12.

If you are getting bored of limited Watch Faces then you will glad to know that now you can have third-party Watch Faces. So no need to say “Hey Siri” anymore.

Interactive Notifications

It is a bitter truth that outside the Apple’s core apps getting notifications on Apple watch is a bad experience. Thanks to Apple that they have thought about it and coming up with something new in watchOS 5.

While phone alerts will still get a place in shortcuts, Apple is allowing developers to add buttons directly into notification in watchOS 5 so users don’t need to redirect on an app for quick things like check into a flight or turn on a workout.

watchOS 5 also features advanced grouped notifications where you can go through all conversations without going through other alerts.

Now when you get any link in Messages or Mail in watchOS 5 then you are simply able to watch or view it on your little screen. This has been possible because of Webkit support. This simple thing let us give even less reason to take out the iPhone from the pocket.

Podcasts and Background Audio

If you are a great fan of Pod Save America then you will definitely love this. After huge waiting Apple finally introduces Podcasts app to watchOS 5.

This simply translates that now you can listen to your favorite podcast on your watch. It will automatically sync your playback across all devices so you can get started from where you left off.

Here is another great news for music lovers. Now they can play third-party music players in the background. This opens up lots of potential for Spotify app.

So there are the new Apple watchOS 5 features. If you want to stay updated with more Apple products then feel free to bookmark or subscribe our blog. In the end, don’t forget to share your opinion about new Apple watchOS 5 features.

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