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Are you a YouTuber, podcaster, etc. who love to make videos or podcast. If yes then obviously you need a good microphone, right? None of your fans love to hear noises when they are listening to you, so it is your responsibility to let them hear what they want from you. Today we will tell you about the best USB microphone for Macbook that will make your audio recording refined and amazing. Have a look at our suggestions.

Top 5 Best USB Microphone for MacBook

Blue Yeti

Best USB Microphone for MacBook

Let us introduce you to Blue Yeti which is without any doubt the best USB microphone for Macbook. Blue Yeti is an extremely popular choice amongst gamers, musicians, podcasters and more. The reason why it gets so much immense popularity because of its impressive versatility. This microphone can record sound in 4 different ways that make it ideal for almost every situation.

The cardioid mode is ideal for game streaming and podcasts. It is able to record sounds from the sources that are directly in from of it.

Stereo mode is best for recording acoustic instruments, or you can even record multiple voices singing in unison. It let you create amazing music on both right and left channels.

Omnidirectional mode can record sounds from all directions that make it ideal for recording ambient noise or roundtable discussion.

Bidirectional mode generally records sound from two ends of the microphone which simply means the sources that are close to the mic on the opposite side will be heard clearly. It is best to record an interview or duets.

Blue Yeti comes out with the really simple interface on the front that let you manage the gain using a dial. Moreover, it has a mute button to which you can use to stop recording things that you don’t want to record. It also features a headphone jack for real-time sound monitoring.

The Blue Yeti gives you an amazing sound quality that will record at a sample rate of 16 bit at 48kHz. It comes with a price tag of nearly $125 that sounds bit pricey but if you are looking for a best USB microphone for Macbook that can do almost everything, then it will not a bad deal.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB

Best USB Microphone for MacBook

Audio-Technica AT2020USB is our next best recommendation in best USB microphone for Macbook list. This microphone is ideal for songwriter/singer. It is a cardioid microphone that performs best when you want to record sound from the single source.

What makes Audio-Technica AT2020USB best for musicians is its ability to easily fit into mic booms and shock mounts, allowing you to position it perfectly in your space.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB record truly high-quality audio a sample rate of 16 bit 48 kHz. It has volume control and a headphone jack too. Get a great no-delay live monitoring experience. You can pick this best USB microphone for Macbook at around $129.

Samson Meteor

Best USB Microphone for MacBook

Samson Meteor is amazingly very simple USB microphone that is ideal for you if you want to record things yourself. It is only meant to record single person recording.

Thought Samson Meteor is meant to capture sound from a single source it works really well in the department, it does record audio at a 16 bit, 48 kHz sample rate. This promise you to give great audio quality without any complaint.

It is quite company and lightweight that allow you to transport the Samson Meteor anywhere you like. It is so good in an audio recording that you can record the best even when you are recording outside on the road.

The Samson Meteor comes with a headphone jack that helps you for live monitoring, and the best thing is it is significantly cheaper than other options listed here in best USB microphone for Macbook in the list. It will come around $65 that makes an ideal choice among casual users.

Apogee MiC

Best USB Microphone for MacBook

Before you read about this USB microphone, know that it is a bit pricey. It comes with a price tag of $230, but the best thing is Apogee MiC is a great microphone which is specially designed for recording audio with your Mac.

It has a size of your Apple iPhone 6s and is an easy to carry around super compact best USB microphone for Mac. Apogee MiC is a single directional cardioid microphone that records at a sample rate of 24 bit at 96 kHz which produces real studio-level quality audio.

It is the best microphone for Mac users because it makes the best of the Apple ecosystem. If you don’t have Mac but an iPhone or iPad then still you are able to record by directly plug it and use its Garageband app.

Blue Snowball

Best USB Microphone for MacBook

If you are impressed with Blue Snowball then here is another great suggestion from the company. If you find Yeti costly then you would love it because of its price, it is available at the price of $68.

Obviously, it will provide you fewer features but if you don’t want to go too advanced then obviously this is the best choice for you at a low price. It comes with three different mode cardioid, omnidirectional, and cardioid -db. It records at a sample rate of 16 bit at 48 kHz.

If you think we missed any microphone which deserves this list then feel free to let, us know in the below comment box.

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