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It seems that you have lost your iPhone, iPad, and Mac that is the reason why you are here right? Well, that’s very sad. Considering the scenario, we are making this tutorial to the point. You will get to know only basic and important things. Here we will tell you about Find My iPhone feature that will help you to locate your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So are you ready?

How to use Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

First of all, it is important for you that your lost device should have to Find My iPhone feature activated. If it is not then sorry, you are not able to use this service. Read further if it is activated in your device.

Sign in to on a PC or Mac or simply use the Find My iPhone on your friend’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate Your iPhone, iPad and Mac

After sign in choosing the device that you want to locate. It will show you the device’s location. If it is showing the device nearby, then you can play a sound that will help you or someone locate your iPhone or iPad.

The third step is turning on the Lost Mode. This mode helps you to lock your device with a passcode remotely. There are multiple things that can be achieved using Lost Mode. For instance, you can display a custom message so if the person has the intention to return back your iPhone or iPad he or she can easily reach to you by reading the message. You can leave your alternate number or address.

While doing this make sure to keep track of your device’s location. The other great benefit is payment security. When you put your device in Lost Mode, then your device is unable to make payments especially when you have added credit, debit, or prepaid cards to Apple Pay.

No matter what you need to first report about your lost device to local law enforcement. They might ask you to a serial number of your device of IMEI. You will get it on the box of your iPhone or iPad’s box.

If you have suspected that you will not be able to get back your device, then one thing you can do on priority is Erase your device. What is this? Well, this feature will completely erase all of your personal data like contacts, photos, songs, passwords, payment related details and everything that belongs to you.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate Your iPhone, iPad and Mac

After erasing your device, you are not able to track it. Furthermore, if you remove it from your account after erasing the device, then Activation Lock will be turned off. This feature will allow another person to turn the device on and use your iPhone or iPad.

For better reasons, you need to also report about your stolen device to your wireless carrier. Ask them to deactivate account to prevent calls, texts, and data use.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate Your iPhone If Your Device is Off or Offline

The best thing about Find My iPhone is it will still help you in case your device is off or offline. You can use Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone or iPad. You can still lock it, remotely erase it, or activate lost mode. Whenever your device gets, online initiated action will take effect.

If you get help from Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone, then you would love to share this with your friends so they can also get help from this useful article. If you have any question in your mind, then feel free to ask your query in below comment box.


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