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If you have an iPhone but not happy with its battery performance then before considering a new iPhone or changing its battery we have some solutions for you that can help you to increase your iPhone battery life. we have total 15 tips which we guarantee that definitely help you to increase your iPhone battery. If you are an Android user then still read this article as we have given a solution for you too.

Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

Turn on Battery Saver Mode

This tip sound very obvious but the fact is people don’t use it until their iPhone is about to die and no doubt you are not an exception, right? When your iPhone hit 20% battery it automatically switched to ‘Low Power Mode’.

Our concern is why wait for that when you can do it manually especially when you are dying to save battery. Simply head to Settings > Battery and toggle it on.

You can also add the functionality to Control Center so you can get access to it easily. If you are running an Android smartphone then you can also get a similar feature on your phone.

You can use this feature when you think your device is going to an ideal situation for a long time for instance in office you are not allowed to keep using your phone so here you can turn on the battery saver mode.

15 Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

Charge Smartly

How we charge the phone or our charging habit affects the battery performance. This one is our one of the biggest tips to increase your iPhone battery life.

Generally, most of us have a habit of charging our phone even it goes 91% from 95%. In this, we need you to follow some precautions so you can increase your iPhone battery life.

We recommend you to use fast charging especially when you are in rush. Most of the people don’t know the fact that fast charging definitely charges up your iPhone very frequently but at the same time, it degrades your battery much faster in comparison to regular charging.

If you have a time then feel free to charge your iPhone using the regular charger. Second, the important thing is don’t leave your iPhone for overnight charging because your iPhone gets charged fully in few hours so rest of the time your iPhone will charge unnecessarily.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not in Use

If you are the person whose Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is keep turned on then that is one of the biggest reasons for quick battery darning especially when you are not connected to anything.

When it is turned on and not connected to anything then Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keep looking for a new connection. This obviously drains your battery at a faster rate.

When you are not connected simply turn them off. You can toggle them on and off just from the quick setting menu, you can find it in almost all iOS and Android so friends bonus battery life is just a swipe away.

Use Wi-Fi Connection Over Data Connection

Using Wi-Fi over mobile data is a wise option when it comes to increasing your iPhone battery life.

Make a note that Wi-Fi not just gives you fast speed and save data but surprisingly it uses less battery power in comparison to the mobile data connection.

Now, this tip encourage you to more to ask Wi-Fi password when you are at a friend’s place, right?

Airplane Mode

When did you to use Airplane mode last time? When your battery is getting low you can turn on Airplane mode but what is the benefit of it when you can can’t access apps online.

Well, that is true that in Airplane mode you can’t receive calls or messages even you are not able to search the internet but Airplane mode has its own benefits.

First is you can simply turn it on when you don’t want to get disturbed by anyone and you want to play your favorite game.

Most of us prefer to switch off the phone instead of turning it on Airplane but know that when you turn on Airplane mode you can get access of any online service or making calls or messages within a fraction of seconds.

On the other hand, when you turn off your iPhone it will take a couple of seconds to restart that actually consume more battery. So prefer to switch to Airplane mode rather than switching off the iPhone.

Keep the Screen Brightness Low

When you want to increase your iPhone battery life then one of the first thing which you need to keep in your mind is lowering the screen brightness.

Bright screen looks very good especially in iPhone and that’s the reason why most iPhone users want to keep the brightness of the screen at high. Know that brightness is the biggest culprit that eats up battery very frequently.

One of the best ways to get rid of is simply keeping the brightness low. If you choose it to automatic still we recommend you to do it manually because automatic brightness adjustment feature again consumes battery to find the ideal brightness settings for you especially when you keep moving in different light condition.

15 Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

Uninstall Facebook App

Yes, you read it right uninstalling Facebook app will simply increase your iPhone battery life.

We are recommending this because the Facebook app is one of most resource hungry apps so in order to save your battery you would love to uninstall it, instead of the app we recommend you to use the Facebook in the browser.

To get quick access of Facebook simply add it to your bookmark or you can also add the Facebook to your home screen.

Turn Off Apps That Ask Location

When you install apps they ask for permission to access some data from your iPhone, for instance, Google Maps ask for location permission so the app can show you the right direction.

Well here you can easily see that why Google Map is asking for location permission but when it comes to some other apps they ask for location access unnecessarily.

If you find such apps then simply you need to deny the access. Location actually eats up lots of battery resource.

To find out which app has asked for location access you can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. If you are an Android user then you can get access to a similar thing by going to Settings > Security & Location > Location.

Turn Off Background Refresh

Background app refresh is another big thing that doesn’t let you increase your iPhone battery life. So what does this feature do?

Actually it lets app to update in the background, in other words, you don’t need to update apps manually but still, it is a good idea to update your apps manually.

To change things go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > toggle it off. This is how you can simply increase your iPhone battery life.

Turn Off Airdrop

Airdrop is a special feature available in iPhone. It is a special feature that let the user to quickly share pictures or other files instantly. But make a note that it is a battery hunger app.

If you don’t want to use it the simply swipe up to open Apple’s Control Center and tap on to off Airdrop. Alternatively, you can also go to Settings > General > Airdrop.

Turn Off Spotlight

Another one of the best pro tips to increase your iPhone battery life is turn off the Spotlight feature. It is an intelligent Apple’s built-in search functionality.

To give you the best results it keeps running on background and tracks your behavior. That sounds very useful but it actually it uses lots of battery.

If you are not using it then it is good to turn it off by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search. From here you can either uncheck the items which you are not using or simply uncheck all the services.

15 Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

Turn Off Siri

Siri is amazing AI but and it is ready for you anytime you want even from a locked screen. Such features sound very great but under the hood, it actually runs on background and more active in comparison to other services or apps.

If you are not using Siri regularly then it is better to turn it off. Here’s how it is done, go to Settings > Siri & Search and turn off ‘Listen for “Hey Siri.”’ Like Siri Android has Google Now. you can turn it off by going to Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” detection.

Turn Off Live Widgets, Live Wallpaper, and Visual Effects

Live widgets, live wallpaper, and other visual effects look great but when it comes to saving battery they all fail. If you really want to increase your iPhone battery life it is great to not using all of them.

A simple background works well. To remove any extra visual effects go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Android user can also control animation by going to Settings > Developer options > Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Turn Off Automatic App Updates

When your device automatically updates app then first it obviously drains the battery but second most important it continuously fill up the storage too then no matter whether you are updating apps manually or automatically.

When you update any app it always comes with more size in comparison to the previous one. We recommend you to switch to manual app update and update the only app which you use regularly.

To turn off automatic update head to Settings > iTunes & App Store > toggle off Updates under Automatic Downloads. If you are an Android user then go to Play Store > tap on Menu icon > Settings > General > Auto-update apps > turn it off.

Check Battery Usage

After following all the above-mentioned tips to increase your iPhone battery life if you are still not getting any good result then there might a culprit app or apps that eat up your resources.

To find it you need to track your battery usage. To know go to Settings > Battery > check which app is using more battery. For Android go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage.

Hope you like our tips. If you want more tips on Apple iPhone, Macbook etc. then bookmark our site and if you have any question then feel free to ask us in the below comment box.

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