By | July 25, 2018

There are ample reasons to be excited about Apple new iPhones, not least their huge slice on prices.  Meanwhile, a new leak has been surfaced which might increase the price of the new iPhone.

According to Macotakara, a leading tech website Apple is working on the fast charger which works only with new iPhone X and the shocking part is it will be incompatible with all the exciting 3rd party chargers.

Macotakara further added that the company will add support for ‘C-AUTH’ to new Apple iPhone X Plus. It is been said while citing conversions with multiple suppliers.

Apple May Introduce C-AUTH Based Fast Charging Technology

C-AUTH means USB Type-C Authentication which simply means that the new iPhone Apple X Plus will able to stop fast charging when a user plugs any third party charger. This will ensure the better battery life.

Generally, most of the user use another low graded charger which obviously not affect the iPhone at that time but the longer use of it surely affects is battery power.

New USB Type-C Authentication will accept only those chargers and cables which are specifically licensed by Apple. So friends if you are trying to use other chargers then it may charge your new iPhone but don’t expect a fast charging functionality.

For many, these are kind of shocking thing but if you see its pro side then C-AUTH is not bad in itself. It helps you to stop charging your iPhone using third-party cables which might damage your iPhone or highly dangerous for your smartphone. Is it enough? Well not, as Apple is taking it to one step further.

According to Macotakara Apple worked on existing C-AUTH which generally stops fast charging of 18 watts or more down to 5 watts to performance. Apple new charger will drop all the 3rd party chargers to just 2.5 watts.

This process will make the new chargers slow chargers in this a new question has been raised whether the company will even offer licenses to such third party fast chargers or not?

After all, its been almost two years and still Apple didn’t give access to the proprietary Bluetooth W1 chip which is generally used to fast connects its Beats wireless headphones, earphones, and AirPods.

If talking about its upside then it is the first time when Apple will provide new iPhone Plus bundled with 18W fast charger.

Now, what if you need to second fast charger? Well in this situation the company is ready to make a big hole in your pocket. According to sources, the price of reliable third-party chargers will be whopping $49 that too without cable.

If you need to buy a cable then you need to spend $19 for 1-meter cable and $35 for 2-meter cable. So it means that you need to spend almost $68 to $84 for additional fast charger including cable.

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