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Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is almost here and like always this time also the software will be the main highlight of the show. iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tVOS will get some new features and upgrades.

Among those platforms, iOS 12 is the most anticipated thing for this year. Last year when iOS 11 was launched then it comes with lots of useful improvement especially for iPad power user for instance real multitasking and the files app. Apart from it not to forget the customizable design that iPhone Control Center got.

If believe in rumors then this time Apple will focus more on reliability rather than new features. Well, that would be great but still, we want to see some new features in new iOS 12.

iOS 12 Release Date

Officially iOS 12 will launch in September 2018 but at WWDC 2018 we are able to see the preview of the iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads. WWDC will start from 4 June 2018.

Apple iOS 12 Features That You Would Love to See in New Update

Apple iOS 12 Features

Customized Notifications

If you are the who have been using almost every Apple iPhone from the very beginning then no one can better tell you about the changes on iPhone. Now there are many things that had been changed in past but when it comes to notifications then it seems a bit behind the time, right?

If you look at it then you will realize then it is nothing but a simple list, moreover, it has a cluttered look when you swipe it down for Notification Center. Apple can easily fix this and this is the one thing that should be on iOS new features list.

What if you are able to group all the notifications by application or simply the iPhone’s AI will show you the notifications that are most important.

Apart from that Apple can also integrate the Slack book with notification so users can set keywords for notifications i.e. if your app has your name then it will show you in priority. At the very least, a more intuitive and fresh look for notifications would be really appreciated the feature in iOS 12.

System-Wide Dark Mode

Did you ever tried the Smart Invert feature if yes then you obviously want a better version of it? Most of the iOS users would love to have a dedicated Dark Mode on iOS. Smart Invert is very close to it but not the exact one that we want.

A Dark Mode would help to increase the battery life, especially on iPhone X since it is able to turn off the pixels in black areas. Moreover, Dark Mode would be a boon of many apps that would be better experienced in Dark Mode. If such feature would have added in iOS 12 then no doubt many app developers have to redesign their apps to make it compatible with new mode but it would be worth for sure.

Group Calls for FaceTime

Do you remember when was the FaceTime get its last update? Well, it has been a long time sing it has gotten a substantial update, now if believe in rumors then Apple FaceTime will soon get a major update. This year iOS 12 may bring Group Calling feature. This is the feature which we want for a long time. Talking about another app like HouseParty and Instagram then they have already delivered it so its time for FaceTime.

Another thing that FaceTime would have is AR integration. If you remember the fun use of Photo Booth effects on the Mac then just think above of it.

Cleaning up Multitasking on iPad Pro

As above mentioned last year Apple introduced real multitasking in iOS 11 with a dock on the iPad. This is further integrated with some smart gestures. At that time Files also born which is a most amazing and power packed file management system for iOS devices. Now power users want more.

It would be really appreciable if new update will come with smart gestures for iPhone X for instance carousel swipe for apps.

Apart from that integration with Workflow would also be a nice step in iOS 12. If the API would update then it is able to give a new life to many files. It seems that iOS and macOS will never merge so we can hope for better independent features for both.

Smarter Siri

When it comes to smart assistants then let’s face it that Siri is behind Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. It is rumored that Apple is working a lot on it and obviously they need to. One of the major improvement would be if Siri can recognize Hey Siri from different toned voices. This would be a big win for HomePod and multi-user support.

Siri is currently doing a great job but you will also agree on that we serious need a better-improved voice recognition. Proper translation and transcription would be great upgrades.

OCR in Notes

iOS 11 comes with a big update for Notes. Now it lets the user to create a list, share notes etc. Moreover, you can use it using Apple Pencil or finger. It is also able to scan documents and turn them into PDFs. Now it would be great if they integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  This simple feature will eliminate the need of downloading any third party app.

Split Screen

Last year we luckily get hands-on real multitasking feature on iPad with split screen. Unfortunately same was not available for iPhone. Most of the Android phones have this feature as basic so iPhone users also want the same feature. It is true that for many apps it is useless but in many apps, it works like a magic. For instance, on one screen you have opened Photo app and email on the second screen. Now simply drag and drop the photos that you want to send. Simple and easy.

So this are some features of iOS 12 that we want to have in the new update. If you also have any wish for a new update then let us know in the comment section. Now don’t think too much just write what is coming in your mind. Now if you want to stay update about latest Apple products then bookmark us as you will be the one who will get the first update of Apple’s latest launches, features, and more.

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