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Are you using IFTTT? If your answer is yes then you are here to know about the better alternative of it, if your answer is no, then know that IFTTT is a free service that helps you to automate your apps and device. In this, if you are an Apple user then you will glad to know that Apple has something better for you that will stop you to run behind any third party app or service.

How to Automate Tasks in iOS with Workflow

Well, we are talking about Workflow that is specially developed to expedite your daily task. It is one of the most powerful automation tools available on App Store.

Workflow comes with some handy triggers and actions that you can set right on your smartphone or iPad.  The execution process is simple though as all you need to do is just tap on the button to execute the tasks from top to bottom.

So why we are recommending you to use Workflow when your all tasks have been already automated by IFTTT or other apps? Well, one of the biggest reason for that is it is developed by Apple. Yes seriously but wait this can’t be the only reason, right?

Well because it is developed by Apple Inc. Workflow is able to access a host of system related utilities that you wouldn’t be able to access using any third party apps.

Say you want to quickly grab some top stories from Apple News of you want to create a collage using your recent photos etc. You can perform such actions using third-party apps.

Things that have Apple suggested you can do with Workflow is just a tip of the iceberg so it is recommended that to make most of the app simply automate all the tasks that you do on daily basis. Once you do the same it is our guarantee that you will feel a huge difference.

A 5 minute of setup can save your couple of hours. Use that time to increase your productivity. Actually, this app can do far much beyond your imagination.

How to Get Started with Workflow

How to Automate Tasks in iOS with Workflow

First of all, you need to download the Workflow app on your device from App Store, obviously.

After installing the app launch it then taps on My Workflows tab or Gallery tab.

To use pre-made actions tap on the upper right corner.

Now tap on Create Workflow and choose one out of four workflows:

Type of workflow Accessible from:
Normal The Workflow app (iOS)
Today Widget The Today View (iOS)
Apple Watch Your Apple Watch (watchOS)
Action Extension The Share Menu (iOS)

After choosing the desired workflow simply swipe right, that will show you Actions menu.

Right from here you can search and select your desired actions. Once you finalize your action, drag it to your current workflow.

If you want an additional action on already set action then simply repeat the process and drag the second action just below the first one.

You can also edit your workflow for this you need to tap on gear icon that you will find on the upper right corner. It will let you change the workflow name, type and more.

Once fixing the things just tap on Done that again you will get on the upper right corner.

That’s it! tell us your experience in below comment section and if you have any question or facing any problem using WorkFlow then still don’t hesitate to ask us.

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