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So finally after lots of waiting for Apple Watch Series, 4 has been launched along with Apple’s 3 most anticipating iPhones; iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. You would love to know about all three phones by clicking on highlighted links. Here we will tell you about the Apple Watch Series 4. Here we tried to cover all the things about new Watch that you would love to read.


Apple Watch Series 4 gets the same rectangular design. It was expected that this time Apple will launch a circular Apple Watch but again Apple prefers to stick with its old rectangular design. According to the company new watch is packed with lots of surprises and features.

The display is one of the greatest and biggest features of Apple Watch that is obviously the main USP of the new Apple Watch. Apple team had the challenge to make such a new design that is bigger than predecessor but it shouldn’t be noticeable. The other challenge is to make the battery power enough powerful that it will handle the new watch power effectively.

Apple Watch Series 4

The final design of Apple Watch is considered the largest one in comparison to the predecessors. It gets narrower borders that make the new design look 30% larger. Apart from it Apple Watch Series 4 gets new display technology called LTPO that is specially designed and integrated to improves the power efficiency. It promises you to provide enough charge that let you spend a full day with watching on a single charge.

Apple makes the best of curved corners. Now the curved corners precisely match the radius of the case, it creates a continuous and more pleasing appearance. This also allows the touch surface and imagery to broaden to the utmost reaches of the screen.

In earlier watches, blank spaces in the corner screen are one of the biggest challenges that company solve it very creatively in the latest Apple Watch Series 4. Now there are some other areas where it needs some improvements, we are talking about the inner screen. Team redesigned the display to take the full advantage of the new dimensions by providing richer detail and more useful information. You will be surprised to know that new Infograph watch can show you up to 8 complications, this simply means that you can see and do more in less scroll. Have a glimpse of some of the notable watch faces:

Apple Watch Series 4

Infograph watch face with: Air Quality Index, Heart Rate, UV Index, Activity, Workout, Music, Weather, Breathe

Infograph Modular watch face with: Calendar, Activity, Weather, Music, Heart Rate, Breathe

Infograph watch face with: Air Quality Index, Heart Rate, UV Index, Activity, Workout, Music, Breathe, Weather

Infograph watch face with: Stop Watch, World Clock, Alarm, Timer, Sunrise/Sunset

Infograph Modular watch face with: Calendar, Heart Rate, Weather, Breathe, Workout, Air Quality Index

Infograph watch face with: UV Index, Weather, Air Quality Index, World Clock, Earth, Solar, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon

Digital Crown

Now let’s talk about the Digital Crown that is another big thing in Apple Watch Series 4. It is purposely added to watch. Some may find it ugly but the users of Apple Watch find it as one of the most important things. It is designed to provide the easy way to navigate on Apple Watch without swapping or tapping on display. Latest Apple Watch Series 4 gets full re-engineered mechanism. It features a haptic feedback that delivers click like precise feel when you scroll.

On the top of it, there is an inbuilt titanium electrode that allows you to use the ECG app just tapping it with your finger. Digital Crown in latest Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most intricate systems company has created. In significantly less space team adds more capability. Latest assembly is 30% smaller still it gets 21% more components. A great example of marvelous engineering.

Apple Watch Series 4

As you know that optical heart sensor has been an integral part of Apple Watch right from the beginning. A sensor that allows you to check your heart rate quickly. It is enhanced with all new electrical heart sensor that is made up of electrodes on the back crystal and electrode in the Digital Crown. With the help of this, you are able to generate an ECG or electrocardiogram using the ECG app. That’s not it, you can share the report anytime with your doctor.

One of the biggest concerns of anyone is battery power. Yes without battery there is no use of such technology and power but you will be surprised to know that Apple Watch is more power and thinner in comparison to the predecessor. when talking about battery then it delivers up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge.


Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by all new S4 chip. According to company S4 chip is just more than a processor. Its entire system is fabricated onto a single component and is a complete SiP or Silicon in Package. Such architecture allows the engineers to fit it in Apple Watch without worrying about the need of extra space. Let us tell you an amazing fact, Apple Watch Series 4 is the only product in the world that runs on SiP.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 features 2x faster CPU. It is a 4th generation CPU. That is more quick and faster. Apart from this Apple Watch Series 4 features 50% louder speaker. The company makes a dramatic change by improving audio quality for Siri and Walkie-Talkie. Additionally, to reduce the echo microphone has been placed opposite side so you can experience clearer phone calls.

Health Features

Apple Watch Series 4 is specially designed to inspire you to live a healthy life. It helps you to manage everything from monitoring your heart beat to how much calories you’ve burned. Earlier we have given you a glimpse of features like ECG now take a look on it in more detail.

Apple Watch Series 4 is able to generate ECG that is similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. It is one of the big achievements in the field of technology when any gadget or wearable is able to provide critically important real-time data that can be instantly shared to doctors.

Apple Watch Series 4 (5)

Digital Crown has in-built electrodes and its back crystal works along with the ECG app that read and analyze your heart’s electrical signals. In just 30 seconds you will get the ECG waveform just by touching the Digital Crown. It will instantly tell you the signs of artial fibrillation or sinus rhythm that indicates a serious form of irregular heart rhythm or normal heart beat respectively.

Apple Watch Series 4 electrical sensors read the beats. Know that every single beat sends an electrical impulse that is rear and recorded by electrical sensors. All the data recorded by your Apple Watch will be sent out to the ECG app. As soon it figures our irregular heart rhythms it quickly notifies you so that you can consult your doctor immediately.

Apple Watch Series 4 features an amazing fall detection technology. Combining the power of gyroscope and accelerometer your smartwatch can detect if you’ve fallen. When it detects that you’ve fallen it will instantly call to emergency service. You have 60 seconds to dismiss it otherwise in case of unresponsive even after 60 seconds it will place an emergency call and sends a message to your emergency contacts.

Apple Watch Series 4 (5)

Apple Watch Series 4 has a just right set of health apps then no matter whether you want to improve your sleep, deal with diabetes, drink more water and more. Its app will help you to prioritize your goals. Some of the notable health apps are Clue, Dexcom G6 Mobile, and Lifesum. These apps help you to track your menstrual cycle, test glucose levels, and make better food choices respectively.

Available Variants and Price

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a price tag of $399. This price is for GPS only. If you want to buy the both GPS and cellular packed variant then it has a price of $499. It is the same price tag that is for Apple Watch Series 3.

If you want to read the full in-depth review of Apple Watch Series 4 then feel free to bookmark our site as very soon we are going to update a full review of the Apple Watch 4.

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