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Hope you remember the date 12 September 2017. If your answer is no then let us tell you that it was that day when Apple Watch 3 was unveiled. Soon after 10 days, it was available for sale. Wait you thought that we are going to talk about Apple Watch 3 here then you are wrong this is just our gentle reminder. Currently, we all are eagerly waiting for Apple Watch 4.

To ensure you will get the best and reliable information about Apple Watch 4 we have gathered and analyzed multiple sources and after picking the best we have written this post where you will come to know about Apple Watch 4 features, specifications, release date, price & rumors.

Apple Watch 4 Features


Apple Watch 3 has a camera viewfinder that let you take remote photographs from your iPhone. One of the biggest con of this feature is you can’t make any video calls and even click photos.

Now if believing on rumors then new Apple Watch will feature a full fledged camera and most probably it will be integrated into modular straps.

Before Apple Watch Series 2 and 3, Apple registered a patent for front facing camera in wearable devices. After knowing that most of the tech enthusiast was expected that it would come in Apple Series 2 and 3 but unfortunately they haven’t seen such upgrades.

Perhaps that was not the right time. Now it seems that this is the perfect time to have a front facing camera in a wearable device. We hope Apple will launch this most anticipated feature in Apple Watch 4.

Apple Watch 4 Features

There are more chances that it will surely come in next iteration but experts are arguing on things like it will be introduced for FaceTime. Some say it will only let you click selfies but it would be better if it can do both, isn’t?

Now whether it will feature still photography or video calls it is for sure that the camera would be present at the top bezel of the Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch 4 feature sounds interesting though it is quite interesting to witness how many users would love to use FaceTime via Apple Watch. We are saying that because it is quite difficult to hold up the wrist for some time.

It would not wrong to say that Apple already made the Apple Watches half compatible with FaceTime, for instance, watchOS2 comes with FaceTime audio calls. Now when it comes to upgrading only video calling is left behind.

Patently Apple which is famous for describing patents reveals an Apple patent that includes a selfie camera. Now it is not like it is just for FaceTime video but it can be used as a stills camera. Let’s see how Apple will surprise us.

Motion & Gesture Controls

Apple’s patent no. 9,939,899 indicates that Apple Watch 4 features motion and gesture controls. Actually, this patent relates to “motion and gesture input from a wearable device”.

This simply translates that the wearable device which has mentioned technology will be able to understand the user gestures and respond accordingly when touch and voice inputs are not practical. Gesture control includes hand flap or a clenched fist.

Face ID

Now here is where the front facing camera could be actually used. Before iPhone X it was a totally useless thought of having a camera in Apple Watch but soon after iPhone X launched with revolutionary Face ID technology. A new hope for Apple Watches was born.

Now we can’t say how you would comfort yourself while using FaceTime if it would introduce to new Apple Watch 4 but it is for sure that if company will introduce a camera to new addition then it would surely have Face ID as it looks cooler to unlock your Apple Watch by just looking at the in-built camera.

If the company will not introduce these duo features then it would be their biggest mistake.

Apple Watch 4 Features

Patently Apple’s staff did a commendable job by finding two hidden mentions of “user identification”. We used the hidden mentions because a patent application is quite lengthy. Anyways most of the application talked about band sensors but in interface diagram, they used the word ‘camera’.

It seems that new Apple Watch 4 need to unlock once in a day, not like the iPhones which you have to unlock every time. Here the Face ID importance degrades a bit as you will get less chance to use the Face ID feature.

Health Sensors

When first Apple Watch was not launched rumors about it was one of the hottest topics. One of the biggest talks was Apple will come up with tons of health sensors.

So far we have witnessed 3 version of Apple Watch and we didn’t find any better health sensors despite standard features like activity and heart rate tracking.

It is said that Apple’s health sensors are not accurate enough so they step back as they can’t take any risk especially when it comes to health monitoring.

In 2015 The Telegraph interviewed Tim Cook in which he hinted that they are working on a medically approved device but it has nothing to do with Apple Watch. Tim Cook further explained that FDA accreditation disruption would affect the product release cycle. Here is exactly what Tim Cook said:

“We don’t want to put the watch through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process. I wouldn’t mind putting something adjacent to the watch through it, but not the watch, because it would hold us back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long. But you can begin to envision other things that might be adjacent to it – may be an app, maybe something else.”

It indicates that Apple is planning other ways to get FDA approval. They may integrate the health sensor in interchangeable straps that can be simply worn with Apple Watch.

Enhanced Battery

The first version of Apple Watch was quite interesting but one of the biggest drawbacks of it is the battery.

Apple fixed their mistake by enhancing the battery in Apple Watch 2. It was able to run for two days between charges while the original Apple Watch asks for charging on daily basis.

Apple Watch 4 battery

Enhanced and powerful battery backup actually lots of potential for Apple Watch majorly with feature like sleep tracking.

Earlier version was intentionally turned off so they can save more battery but this keeps them away from using one of the best features of Apple Watch.

Now it is speculated that Apple Watch 4 features better and enhanced battery so the user can easily get to know about his or her sleep stats.

EKG Sensor

Last year in December, Bloomberg reveals that Apple was working on merging EKG technology in Apple Watch.

This would bring back the FDA issue so it seems that they are saving it up for Apple Watch 5 but as we know that current Apple Watch series are able to monitor heart activity and collating past data, such feature adds more power to Apple Watch at predicting any future heart-related problems.

Apple Watch 4 Specifications

It is very early to guess anything but as we are giving you only credible shots here are the best you may get in Apple Watch 4.

Liquid Crystal Polymer Antenna

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) is currently used in iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s circuit board. The company is planning to roll it out not just across Macs but new Apple Watch series too. If this happens then Apple Watch 4 features cellular antenna.

Liquid Crystal Polymer is the first choice because it is more resistant to moisture and heat in comparison to other technologies.

As Apple Watch may get LCP antenna it will promise you more stable and better frequency signal transmission.

MicroLED Screen

A few months back Bloomberg revealed that Apple is working on MicroLED screens at their secret facility in California. The current Apple Watch series boast with OLED screen.

If you are thinking about benefits of having a MicroLED screen then know that MicroLED screens are comparatively thinner but in terms of toughness, they are stronger.

Apart from that MicroLEDs produce a brighter image without using much power. This sounds great but the problem is the production of MicroLED is quite tougher in comparison to existing OLED.

Apple might be not ready for it but if they are ready to take up the challenge then we will witness amazing MicroLED screen in new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 4 Design

All Apple Watches get the same design, yes there are some minor cosmetic tweaks for instance color options, new material, red spot etc. Apart from adding new features, this time company may come up with the new design.

If talking about iPhone then it got stuck with the same design in three generations; iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. After this, they finally come up with iPhone X that comes with all new design.

If you go in-depth then you will find that smartwatch sector is more aesthetically conservative in comparison to smartphone sector but still it would be really great if this time Apple will surprise us with all new design.

Round Shape

So till date, all 3 generation of Apple Watches have a rectangular design. Now, what if new Apple Watch 4 features a round shape same like a traditional analog wristwatch?

Well, that quite interesting lots of Android-powered smartwatches comes with round faces and they are extremely popular. Some notable names are Moto 360 2, LG G Watch R, Huawei Watch 2 etc.

Apple Watch 4 Design

Well, no doubt circular watches look pretty cool but when it comes to practicality they lack providing the great user experience. For instance, because of the circular shape text gets squeezed at top and bottom.

Anyways Apple’s patent activity suggest that they would come up with a round face design. Patent 9,940,866 states “electronics device having a display with curved edges”.

Now experts are currently arguing on it by saying that circular or other display that has curved edges would be more efficient in terms of pixel arrays.

Haptic, Solid State Buttons

According to Fast Company, Apple is working on the solid-state touch sensitive haptic buttons so they can get rid of physical hardware buttons. We guess everyone wants to get off them, right?

Haptic solid state buttons will same act like Home button featured on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. This button would not physically click in and out instead it would recognize the fingertip and simulate the click with the help of haptic vibration.

Larger Screen

One of the most popular and reliable analysts Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple would come up with a larger screen. According to him new Apple Watch 4 features significantly 15% more screen in comparison to the predecessor.

Now, this is relatable with the larger battery as it takes more space so it would be a chance for Apple to play with a bigger screen.

Smart Bands or Modular Straps

This is one of the most prominent rumor you will get to know about new Apple Watch. According to sources Apple may produce multifunctional smart bands that company would sell as an accessory.

Apple will move from some old technologies that let them play with features like bigger battery, camera etc.

Apple Watch 4 Release Date

As expected Apple didn’t utter a word about Apple Watch 4 at WWDC 2018 so the question is when we will get to know about new Apple Watch?

Till date three Apple Watches were launched and if analyzing their launch schedule (which was quite irregular) we try to figure out the expected launching date of Apple Watch 4.

  • Apple Watch (first-gen): 24 Apr 2015
  • Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2: 16 Sept 2016
  • Apple Watch Series 3: 22 Sept 2017
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Sept 2018?

According to us, Apple will unveil its most anticipating smartwatch in autumn 2018 or in September along with the new iPhones.

Another bit off topic rumor is also surfacing that states that Apple will launch an ‘S’ edition that is nothing but an upgraded version of Apple Watch 3. In terms of features, you will just get an increased memory.

Apple Watch 4 Price

Currently, Apple Watch 3 has a price tag of $399 and $329 with cellular and without cellular respectively. According to us, the price remains almost same or close to and no doubt all previous generation Apple Watches prices will slash down.

So this is what we know about Apple Watch 4. If you know something more which we missed here then feel free to let us know in the comment box. Apart from this if you want to know more latest Apple Watch 4 features, rumors, specifications etc. then stay updated with this page as we will keep updating new things here. Bookmark now.

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