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Do you remember the first launch of Apple Watch 4? Well, it was released in 2015. At that time the biggest USP of the first Apple Watch 4 was heart rate monitor that simply push the smartwatch into the healthcare industry. One of the biggest reasons for this is after it launches people started coming to the company with their stories that describes how Apple Watch 4 saved their life.

Jeff Williams the COO of Apple told in one of his interviews that “We’ve been really surprised with the deluge of letters and emails we’ve gotten where just the simple heart rate monitor was able to have such an impact on people’s lives.”

Now the company will definitely take this thing one step further by introducing ECG or electrocardiogram in new Apple Watch 4. Now a new smartwatch is able to measure the heart rhythm apart from measuring the heart rate.

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a strong track record in predicting Apple’s upcoming products says new Apple Watch 4 will attract more users. Kuo is right as when Apple will release its new product with ECG then it is definitely a big help for people with certain diseases. The only challenge that the company will face is how to share sensitive medical information with users without freaking them out.

The last thing that Apple would want to do is send the health notification. It is very important for the company to decide what kind of notifications they need to send and their frequency too. For instance, if they send hell lots of notification then the user might start ignoring them and miss out the important ones too, on the other side if they send less notifications then still there is a problem. Now before the launching of Apple Watch 4 here we have round up some rumors that will give an overview of new Apple Watch 4.

Apple Watch 4 Rumored Features

Apple Watch 4

Bigger Display

Again according to the Ming-Chi Kuo new Apple Watch 4 will comes with the bigger display. According to him, it will be 15% more larger display in comparison to the predecessor. Recently in August Bloomberg also speculate that new Apple Watch 4 will have bigger edge-to-edge display while the size of the watch remains the same.

If you remember the previous models have a bezel that hides behind the black OLED readouts and black borders. Now new watch will have edge-to-edge look that actually makes sense. It will give more room for messages and information.

Always Siri On

Latest Macbook has T2 chips that put the Siri always active. Google is working on Wear OS that is co-developed with Qualcomm that promises to provide always-on Google Assistant. Now Apple also has to work on this and probably they already worked on it.

If believe into sources then Apple Watch 4 will feature always-on Siri that doesn’t need the user to press the side button or raise up the Apple Watch 4. This sounds great but this technology needs much-improved battery life and powerful set of processors too.

EKG Support

Another revelation from Ming-Chi Kuo is new Apple Watch 4 will come with EKG support. EKG stands for electrocardiogram. If it will feature then definitely it will boost the new smartwatch health monitoring features. Currently, wrist bands like Kardia come with EKG support apart from it Kardia features medical grade heart rate monitoring.

Apple Watch 4

Better Battery Life

Now when the new Apple Watch 4 will get design and feature upgrade then definitely it needs a bigger or battery power. Now it is also possible that new Apple Watch 4 will feature the same power or less power battery as new hardware component might be able to handle the performance.

The company may think about more battery power majorly because of the increased screen or edge-to-edge display. To tackle these many reports suggest that the company is working on making its own microLED display that is brighter, slimmer and less power hungry.

Click Free Buttons

This time Apple many redesigns it’s spinning clickable digital and clickable side button. A recent report suggests that these buttons will be phantom haptic enable click sensation, much similar to home buttons of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 and not to forget recently launched MacBook trackpads. Apple Watch 4es are already integrated with Taptic Engine and after turning them into solid state help it to become more water resistant.

More Slimmer Size

Its been three years and Apple Watch 4 has almost the same design. It got a rounded square edge with bit bulbous design. Now finally there is a hope of some major design changes. It is almost confirmed that new Apple Watch 4 will get thinner design but how much it is still in dark.

The company might follow the same Apple iPhone design pattern where they refresh the existing design and focus more on performance factors like screen size, battery, and features.

Apple Watch 4

Enhanced and Improved Health Sensors

Existing Apple Watch 4 measure the heart rate very well and its Hear Study app recognizes atrial fibrillation via its inbuilt sensor. Some reports suggested that company could develop a blood glucose monitoring technology that could come in the form of a band, an onboard sensor or an accessory. Measuring for blood glucose or blood pressure monitoring requires a specialized sensor or band much like Omron company.

Sleep Tracking

How many of you want a sleep tracking feature in WatchOS 5? Obviously, you all want reading this, right? In 2017 Apple acquired Beddit, a sleep tracking company but surprisingly company didn’t yet incorporate the sleep tracking feature in any of its software or product yet.

But yes there are many 3rd party Apple Watch 4 apps that let the user to monitor and track sleep. Current Apple Watch 4es has one drawback that you know very well. Actually, they require nightly charging that stops the watch to track the sleep earlier. Hope company has a solution this time.

Apple Watch 4

If talking about competitors then Fitbit smartwatches are able to withstand four days in a single charge that simply let the user to track sleep. On the other side, Garmin’s smartwatch also features an advanced sleep tracking. Now it is rumored that Apple will make the Watch in low power sleep mode so it could easily measure the sleep and heart rate.

Smart Straps

This is one of the things that has very less chance to make debut in new Apple Watch 4 but recent Apple patent filings for connected watch band accessories indicates that company will introduce new features like UV exposure sensing or enhanced battery life. Now, what about EKG heart rate measurements, blood glucose monitoring, and blood pressure cuffs? Know that Smart strap has been rumored when first Apple Watch 4 has been introduced and it is the fourth smartwatch launch from the company and still we are not able to witness the technology. Years ago Pebble tried to developing smart straps but they were unsuccessful at that time.

Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4 Faces

Some reports suggested that iOS 4.3.1 had support for third-party Apple Watch 4 faces. This year at WWDC Apple didn’t reveal about watch face store. Now, this really doesn’t mean that Apple will not surprise you with any new thing. Maybe Apple wants to surprise the audience by introducing new watch faces along with the launch of the new Apple Watch 4.


If you didn’t know about it then know that it is an Apple’s proprietary spin on contactless charging that allegedly reported to provide faster charging for multiple Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watch 4, Airpods and more. According to reports new watch will be powered with AirPower.

So this is all about Apple Watch 4. If you want more latest updates on new Apple Watch then feel free to bookmark us right now.

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