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Apart from new iPhone X Plus, there is one more Apple product which is making the news. We are talking about iPhone SE 2 which will be the successor of iPhone SE. Apple launched C and SE series to target medium budget smartphone segment. This year all are waiting for iPhone SE new installment so we have decided to bring all the iPhone SE 2 rumors, specs, leaks, etc. so you can know what is going to be launch.

When iPhone SE 2 Will Release?

When iPhone SE 2 Will Release?

There were lots of speculations and expectations were around that iPhone SE 2 will launch in May 2018. When the company failed to materialized it rumors, speculations, and expectations shifts towards June 4.

This specific day marks the Apple’s WWDC event but again company disappointed everyone by showing off just software including iOS 12, watchOS 5, and macOS Mojave.

Now the wait is simply shifted to September as this is the month when Apple reveals its most anticipating products of the year for instance company will launch new iPhone, MacBook,  iPads etc.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that new LCD iPhone will launch in September alongside iPhone X’s successor.

Availability of iPhone SE 2

Even if iPhone SE 2 will come it may not available to your country. Yes, that the bitter truth if believes into some reports. So it will be better if you keep your hopes bit low.

According to reports unlike high-end iPhone’s the cheaper version might not be available everywhere.

According to a Chinese website, Economic Daily Apple is currently working on a low-end iPhone which is codenamed Hangzhou.

The company plans to launch this low-end model to capture the medium ranged smartphone market and their main focus will be China and India.

Some other reports also claim that iPhone SE 2 will launch in India first before other countries. The chances of this report are more because it fits with Apple’s plan.

iPhone SE 2 Design

According to rumors iPhone SE 2 will boast the same design as its predecessor. However, it comes with 4.2 inches larger display.

The company may avoid to give it a look of iPhone X as it might simply increase its price and company obviously don’t want to increase the price of iPhone SE 2.

Reports suggest that it will maintain the classic iPhone shape and it will house the famous Home Button too which will feature fingerprints sensor. Some top case makers claim that new iPhone SE 2 will not have any headphone port.

iPhone SE 2 Design

Overall most of experts and analyst says that it will get a major redesign but this is not supported by Ming-Chi Kuo as according to his company is so busy in successors of iPhone 8 and iPhone X that it barely has a time to thought about iPhone SE 2 especially about its redesigning.

We may not able to see a completely redesigned iPhone SE successor but we can get more color options. Currently, iPhone SE is available in Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold options.

Now iPhone SE 2 is likely to available in Space Grey, Gold & Silver color option same like iPhone 8. iPhone 8 has Gold and Rose Gold kind of merged color option so we will likely to see new iPhone SE in Brassier Gold color instead of two gold colors.

What Will Happen to iPhone SE After Launching of iPhone SE 2?

According to many analyst Apple will stop manufacturing iPhone SE when iPhone SE 2 is all set to ready. Ming-Chi Kuo research note says that Apple will reach its development resources which automatically force them to stop production of iPhone SE so that they can produce more iPhone SE 2 models.

“The announcement of three new iPhone models in the same quarter in the second half of 2017 was the first time Apple made such a major endeavor,” he wrote.

“We believe the delay of iPhone X, which had the most complicated design yet, shows that Apple doesn’t have enough resources available for development. With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources.”

iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts

This is what we know about iPhone SE 2 now have a look at some of the of leaks and concepts that surround everywhere.

All Photos listed here in this article are just for illustration purpose but photos & videos in this section are the ones that get the most attention.

iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts iPhone SE 2 Leaks & Concepts

iPhone SE 2 Features

Let us clear you that iPhone SE 2 is not a flagship smartphone so don’t expect something out of the box features. However, it will surely have some features from its bigger sibling iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Face ID could be the first feature that everyone would love to have in iPhone SE 2. If the company will add Face ID to new iPhone SE then it will feature an edge to edge screen without Home button.

Since 2014 all iPhone’s features NFC chips. But the irony was it was not as much talked feature because of its limited use. Rivals have better use of NFC.

Apple keeps the NFC limited only to Apply Pay for some security reasons. This year company may unlock its capabilities so that it can at least perform basic tasks like opening security doors etc.

iPhone SE 2 would have wireless charging and 3D Touch. But according to Ming-Chi Kuo features like wireless charging, Face ID, 3D Touch etc. are premium features.

If somehow company decides to add them all in iPhone SE 2 then probably no one wants to go with their high-end iPhone as most of the people are budget minded and when they get all the features in cheap price then why they would like to buy the expensive one. Apart from it, such thing degrades the value of Apple’s iPhones.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications

iPhone SE 2 will feature A10 Fusion chip. This is the same chip that iPhone 7 gets. iPhone SE  has A9 chip that features in iPhone 6S. It will come with 2 GB of RAM and launch in 2 memory options of 32 GB and 128 GB.

In terms of camera, new iPhone SE will feature 5 MP or 7 MP front camera with Retina Flash. The primary camera will have the power of 12 MP. If it will house a bigger display then we can expect a bigger battery too which would be 1640 mAh to 1700 mAh.

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