By | September 11, 2018

Last year Apple launched its most anticipating smartphone iPhone X with the price tag of $1000. It was positioned as a premium smartphone. If you gave up because of price then you will be glad to know that the new Apple iPhone XR will come up with a really affordable price. According to the Bloomberg, the new Apple iPhone XR will be the most affordable iPhone that you can buy.

Some experts already predicted that this 6.1-inch model will be responsible for 50% of all iPhone sales next year. The company is especially launching the XR so they allow their existing customers who want to upgrade without putting extra load on their pocket.Apple iPhone XR

Now because iPhone XR will be the cheaper option there are some quality compromises with new iPhone like it will come with an LCD display despite of having OLED panel. Apart from that, it is also rumored that the new model will not come with 3D touch. That might hurt you but if you want to fulfill your dream of having 2018 iPhone that too without breaking the bank then you have to compromise a little.

We know most of you are much worried about the looks and build over feature then know that iPhone XR gets an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. Talking about camera then it will come with 12 MP primary camera.

If the camera is your primary concern in new iPhone then you would love to buy the XS version that supports dual camera but as you are here to save your money on new iPhone just wait for its camera performance and then decide to buy XR.

Many reports claim that new iPhone XR comes with Cover Glass Sensor that will see the device’s touch module moved from the display panel right up to the surface of the glass. According to reports, such display type is less likely to get shattered when dropped from above.

iPhone XR might come with a variety of color options. According to recent reports, the new iPhone will come in 5 colors. The possible options are white, yellow, bright orange, gold, pink, black, red, and electric blue.

Now before you get too excited about gold color option then know that it is very rare that the company will introduce gold color for iPhone XR but still we crossed our fingers.

Talking about hardware then iPhone XR will be powered by the A12 process and 3 GB RAM. As far as its memory is concerned then it will come up with 64 GB and 256 GB configurations. It will be interesting to see when iOS 12 and the new A12 process will meet. We hope to see some jaw-dropping performance.

Apple iPhone XR

Now let’s talk about the most important part that is the price. According to sources, a new 6.1-inch model will come at the price range of $650 to $750 range. In this price range, it will get tough competition from One Plus 6T, Google Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 9 etc.

Tell us how you feel about to know about the upcoming cheap iPhone. Tell us in the comment section whether you would buy the smartphone or not.


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