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Every year Apple launched the latest iPhone in autumn and like always this time also Apple will launch new iPhone range nearby September. This time it is expected that company could launch 3 or 5 new iPhone and obviously, fans like you can’t wait for that time, right?

To ensure you will get all the latest news about new 2018 iPhone we have gathered all the latest news here at single place. Don’t need to go anywhere else as you will get to know about iPhone X Plus release date, features, specifications & all rumors updates.

iPhone X Plus Release Date

It is expected that the successor of iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus will unveil in September 2018 and this is for sure because every year company announces the new iPhone in September.

As we told earlier company may launch 3 or 4 iPhones. Now the question is whether it will be launched at the same time or not.

iPhone X Plus

This is a legitimate question because in 2017 company didn’t launch all of its new iPhones at the same time. One month after the launch of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus; iPhone X arrived. Now it is not clear till date whether it was intentional or not.

A Korean report claims that cheaper model will be delayed until November. This means the company may not launch all the iPhone on the same day as earlier.

What Will Be The Name of New iPhone?

This is one of the biggest questions. As you know that everyone can just speculate about the name so we also have some name that floats on the internet:

  • iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Plus
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Plus
  • iPhone XI and XI Plus
  • iPhone X Plus
  • iPhone and iPhone Plus

So these are some potential names of new iPhone but for better understanding, we will use iPhone X Plus in the whole article.

4 iPhones Will Be Launch?

Most of the reports claim that Apple will launch three new iPhones but recent reports claim that number could be increased to four.

Back in November 2017, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that three new would launch in September 2018. According to him, all would have same screen size and design. In January 2018 he came up with more details:

iPhone XI or 11 with 5.8 inch OLED screen. It follows the same iPhone X design.

iPhone X and XI Plus it will feature 6.5 inch OLED screen.

iPhone X Plus screen

The third one will come with 6.1 inch LCD screen. It would be the cheaper version and available at $700 approx. It would inherit the iPhone X design but get slightly larger bezels. Apart from that, it will have Face ID but it will not get the 3D touch. Moreover, it gets single camera lense instead of twin camera lenses at the rear.

Soon after this one more claim from Luke Lin (DigiTimes Research senior analyst) has surfaced on the internet. According to him, there will be four new iPhones:

  • 7- to 5.8 inches LCD
  • 0- to 6.1 inches LCD
  • 0- to 6.1 inches OLED
  • 4- to 6.5 inches OLED

iPhone X Lite

Let’s move onto one of the most popular rumor. Well according to it company may launch the lighter version of iPhone X this will let you get your hands on a most stylish smartphone at comparatively less price.

Again according to Ming-Chi Kuo company would introduce a cheaper version of iPhone X. Now instead of cutting down in features, they may provide a cheaper LCD-TFT screen with low-resolution screen.

This will be obviously done to bring down the cost. Just replace the screen will bring its cost between £649 – £749.

iPhone lite

One of the theories were also surrounded which states Apple could cut down the more price if the company will source the screen from LG instead of Samsung. But these theories seem suspect able as LG is already struggling with meeting its production goals.

“Manufacturing problems have caused LG to fall behind the schedule that many suppliers follow before beginning mass production for iPhones, which usually starts around July, said people familiar with the matter,” reported the WSJ.

“As a result, opinions within Apple are divided on whether LG Display can become a second source of OLED displays for the upcoming iPhones.”

iPhone X Plus Price

Till date, iPhone X is the premium smartphone of the company priced at £999/$999, on the other side talking about iPhone 8 and 8 Plus then it comes with a price tag of £699/$699 and £799/$799 respectively.

As you can see the price seems too high already company would prefer to launch the new iPhone X Plus at the same price level.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo’s first research note revealed that Apple will follow more aggressive pricing strategy for its new iPhones.

According to him, Apple is really concerned about “the negative impact of a higher price” but the company has now better cost structure all thanks to its assembly yield improvements.

He indicates that the new iPhone X Plus would come around $900 – $1000. The existing iPhone X will be available at $800 -$900 (currently it is available at $999) and the cheaper one would be available at $600 – $700.

iPhone X Plus Design

The design is one of the biggest USP of Apple iPhone now it will be interesting to see how will new iPhone will look. We have some rumors below on every design aspects. Have a look at it.

Color Options

Now if new iPhone will be backed up with metal then it is possible that it may come with several color options including yellow, blue and pink.

“Since Apple start to launch three new models every year, we believe the company needs to differentiate the designs of the LCD model from the two high-end OLED models,” writes Zhang. “One reasonable choice would be to add different colors.”


For sure all new 2018 iPhone would follow the iPhone X design. This simply translates that new iPhone X Plus and successor of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will have Face ID camera, no Home button, and most important bezel-less design. Because of this reason, iPhone X Plus will come with a huge 6.5-inch screen.


If belief on case maker Olixar then according to him iPhone X Plus will have a smaller notch in comparison to current one. This notch space will house facial recognition sensors and FaceTime camera.

Glass or Metal Back

According to Nikkei Asian Review portal Apple continue bets on materials. According to this portal there will be two OLED smartphones in 2018 autumn along with a single LCD smartphone this will surely house a metal back. They also make clear that it will not support wireless charging.

iPhone X Plus Specification Summary

  • 2,500ppi pixel density
  • Super Retina HD screen
  • Curved Screen
  • Metal back
  • Zero home button
  • Bezel-less design
  • Triple camera lenses
  • Front facing ‘TrueDepth’ 3D camera
  • Rear-facing 3D scanner (especially for AR)
  • Interchangeable camera lenses
  • ‘Super-resolution’ photos

Screen Size and Type

  • 7- to 5.8 inches LCD
  • 0- to 6.1 inches LCD
  • 0- to 6.1 inches OLED
  • 4- to 6.5 inches OLED

Hope you like to know about iPhone X Plus rumors. If you want to know more bookmark this page as we will keep updating new rumors here.

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