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Welcome to Appledose! As we assume that you are one of the biggest fans of Apple iPhone’s we have started a special Apple iPhone X Plus series where you will get to know about the latest leaks about the upcoming 2018 Apple iPhone. You can keep an eye on all leaks here.

Anyways today one more leak about Apple iPhone X Plus design decision has been surfaced. The good thing about the new design is, it is revealed by Gordon Kelly, a freelance technology journalist who writes to trusted online portals like The NextWeb, Wired, BBC, Forbes, and TrustedReviews.

Apple iPhone X Plus Design Decision Leaked

Earlier he revealed the size but this time he has something very interesting to share. For recent design leak, he gives credit of DigiTimes’s Cage Chao who claims to have many sources and connections at a number of integrated circuit vendors.

His source told them that Apple will introduce industry standard USB-C and drop its notable Lighting charging port.

Know that Lighting charging port is Apple’s licensed product, if any other company wants to integrate it into their smartphone then the company has to pay licensing fee Apple.

Understand this with this simple example, say Samsung wants to integrate the Lightning charging port in its Galaxy series. In this Samsung will have to ask for permission from Apple and company also pay a licensing fee to Apple.

Here the catch is Apple is moving to open from a proprietary standard. For it might be shocking as Lighting charging port has a stranglehold on the market.

Chao explains the Apple’s weird move beautifully. According to him, Apple wants to unite the charging standards of its iPhone and MacBook series. This sounds half knowledge. He further added:

“Why the move makes sense to me is because I suspect Apple no longer sees major revenue in wired cables and accessories by design.

This began in 2016 when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and drove wireless headphone adoption with AirPods. 2017 took the next step with the introduction of wireless charging (Apple ‘AirPower’ fast wireless charging is coming at some point).

Now 2018 will take this a step further as new iPhones will come with wired fast charging cables in the box so revenues from third-party fast charging cables will dry up. Meanwhile, music docks have long been replaced by audio streaming over Bluetooth and AirPlay.

And to tide Apple over during the transition to USB-C, it will continue to earn licensing fees from the hundreds of millions of Lightning port-equipped iPhones, iPads and iPod touch already on the market.”

Apple iPhone X Plus Design Decision Leaked

Chao also states that Apple is still working on the design so it is possible that USB-C will not come in Apple iPhone X Plus design but if the company is able to complete the designing process before launching then you don’t have to wait for one more year.

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