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iOS 12 is yet not launched but its developer version is available for download. If you are the one who has downloaded it already then you might be looking for unlocking its potential. Well, here we will not disappoint you as you will get to know about iOS 12 tips & tricks that will tell you that how amazing is iOS 12. So are you ready to know iOS tips & tricks?

iOS 12 Tips & Tricks

How to Toggle USB Accessories?

iOS 12 comes with many advanced security features. Among that one of the features is USB Restricted Mode.

Most of the time when you plug in USB you can simply access your files even it is locked that is one of the security flaws especially when unintentionally give access to your device to connect automatically.

Anyways now new feature will let you restrict the usage of USB. When it is enabled you need to re-authenticate any USB device that is connoted with your iOS device.

In simple words when you plugin USB into the lightning port it will simply charge your iPhone nothing else. Know how you can toggle it on or off.

iOS 12 Tips & Tricks

1. Go to Settings > Face or Touch ID & Passcode > enter your passcode.

2. Scroll down to the ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED. Under this section, you will find USB Accessories option at last which is by default turned off.

3. Toggle On the USB Accessories option. It will ask for time threshold that you can set accordingly.

How To Edit Photos & Videos, Add Effects, Markup, And More Within Messages On iOS 12?

Almost over a year ago Apple introduces Clips app for editing photos and videos. If you love to use it then we have a great tip in iOS 12 tips & tricks list. Apple added lots of editing features to iOS 12 that will help you to get most out of your photos and videos. The great thing is you can do all the process within Messages app.

How To Edit Photos & Videos, Add Effects, Markup, And More Within Messages On iOS 12

1. First of all open Messages.

2. Just above the keyboard, on the left-hand side tap on Camera icon.

3. Now take a photo or video.

4. You have two choices either you can edit photos & videos, add effects, markup etc. after or you can also do it before clicking the photo or taking videos. You can simply do this by clicking on Star icon.

5. Now after and before clicking or taking videos you need to click on any desired options like Effects, Edit, or Markup.

6. When you tap on Effects it will allow you to play with things like text, medals, filters, shapes, and more. Here you will also find content from a 3rd party.

7. When you are done with your editing simply tap on Done in the top right corner or you can also tap on blue upload button on the bottom right corner.

How To Avoid Entering Passcode After A Failed Attempt Of Face ID Authentication In iOS 12?

One of the top security features of Apple smartphone is Face ID. It is quick, fast and reliable but you know sometimes it also fails to recognize your face and the reason could be anything.

Anyways the great thing is it is not regular. It is still a great feature but what will you do when it fails to recognize your face. Well in this situation you have only one solution which is manually entering the passcode, right?

How To Avoid Entering Passcode After A Failed Attempt Of Face ID Authentication In iOS 12?

But wait you can give your smartphone a second chance to recognize your face. If talking about iOS 11 then it allows you the Face ID to take two attempts.

After two attempts it asks for the passcode. Now in iOS 12 its getting bit better. Here is how it works?

If in iOS 12 Face ID fails to recognize your face it will ask for the passcode. Now instead of entering the passcode simply swipe up the screen to give the Face ID one more chance.

How To Use Screen Time On iOS12?

Let you introduce you to another great iOS 12 tips & tricks. Screen Time is a new app which you will find in iOS 12.

It is actually the most talked feature in iOS 12. With this app company actually wants you to stay away from your iPhone or iPad or in simple words they want to your spend more time in doing leisure activities instead of using your iPhone. It is one of the great features of iOS 12.

It also helps the parents to track down their kid’s activities on iPad or iPhone. Wait you don’t have any app named Screen Time on your iPhone.

Well, let us clear you that it is not an independent app but a feature that you will find under Settings. If you don’t know how to use Screen Time then here is a quick guide.

How To Use Screen Time On iOS12

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time.

2 . On the top of the page, you will see your device. Tap on it.

3. Simple you are done. You can now view lots of surprising data for the current day or the last 7 days like notifications you’ve got, apps you use the most, number of hours you’ve to spend on apps, calls you’ve picked up, and more.

How to Enable Quiet Notifications on iOS 12?

Let’s share a quite interesting feature in our iOS 12 tips & tricks list. We are talking about quiet notifications. Officially it is Deliver Quietly. So what it is?

Actually it a smart notification features that works between tuning off or on the notifications completely.

If you didn’t understand then know that this will allow the notification in notification center but prevent them showing banner, playing sounds, or populating on the Lock screen. To understand it more deeply you need to enable it on your iPhone.

How to Enable Quiet Notifications on iOS 12

1. Open Notification Center by sliding down from the top of your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on notification that you want to enable quiet alerts for and while holding swipe it from right to left until you see Manage.

3. Now simply tap on Deliver Quietly. Repeat for other notifications.

4. If you have mistakenly quiet any notification then, unfortunately, you can’t undo the process with one tap. All you need to do is go to Settings > Notifications > Choose an app > toggle on Lock Screen, Banners, and Sounds.

We will keep updating this page with more iOS 12 tips & tricks so if you want to stay updated with more tips then bookmark this page and don’t forget to explore our site to know more about latest Apple products and software.

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