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After huge waiting iOS 12 has been finally launched. As you must be aware of the fact that iOS 12 features list is too long still we tried to sum up all of them here in this post. If you want to more about other Apple products or updates then stay updated with us.

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iOS 12 Features

Faster Performance

When you will upgrade your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 then be ready for faster and enhanced experience. New iOS 12 is more responsive. Things like sending messages, open Camera etc. happen faster than you think. Apart from that new update makes the multitasking amazingly fast. You can experience all these enhancements not just in iPhone X or iPhone but on iPhone 5s and iPad Air too.

According to Apple new iOS 12 gives you up to 70% faster swipe to the camera, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 2x faster app launch under a heavy workload. Pretty impressive, isn’t?


Till date, FaceTime only allows you to one to one call but it rivals like Skype, Viber etc. let the users chat with multiple people at once. In this, it was obvious that iPhone users also want to use the same feature without installing any third party app.

Well, it was not difficult for Apple to give an update to FaceTime that can handle multiple users at once but it seems that Apple is seriously working on it to give their users an unforgettable experience.

iOS 12 features FaceTime that will let you communicate with whopping 32 people at once. You can choose audio or video call with up to 32 people at once. So what makes it different from other group calling apps.

Let’s consider a scenario, say you are communicating with 25 people on any xyz app. So you will get a small box for each member. Now when someone speaks then you have to go through all of the faces so you can figure it out who is currently talking.

This small but important thing is noticed by the company and they worked on it. Now when you use FaceTime to communicate up to 32 people you don’t have to figure it out who is talking and guess how? Well, the tile of the one who is speaking will get larger automatically. This will ensure that you will not lose the conversation track.

To initiate Group FaceTime you can use group thread or simply join the active one anytime.


iPhone X launched with Animoji concept that was widely loved and accepted. This time Apple takes it to another level. They have come up with new kind of customizable Animoji. Company loves to say it Memoji. This word is definitely made from Me + Emoji. Correct us if we are wrong.

Anyways it let you create Memoji that match to your mood and personality. You can make as many alter ego as you want that you can further use in FaceTime and Messages. While creating Memoji you can customize various things like eyewear, headwear, facial hair, skin color and more.


If you are bit expressive then maybe you want more like Memoji. Well, here it is, says it more with four new Animoji. Choose from 4 Animoji – Ghost, Koala, T. Rex, and Tiger. These enhanced emoji will surely add fun time to you FaceTime call or Messages thread. Go ahead and stick out your tongue or wink because Animoji is not more live.

Camera Effects

iOS 12 brought up a new way to add personality to FaceTime and Messages. You can simply do this right from the default camera. Quickly create and share a video or photo with Memoji, Animoji, animated text effects, stickers, fun, cool filters, and more.

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Augmented Reality

Hope you know about augmented reality and if you didn’t experience it then surely seen on videos or read blogs about it actually how it works. If you Google then it will give you this definition “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.”

Anyways back to the point Apple introduces ARTKit 2 for iOS that let developers to create more immersive augmented reality experiences. The great thing about it is multiple people can experience the AR games simultaneously.

With the help of ARTKit AR objects can be sent via Mail or Messages, then can be experienced in the real world. There is also a new AR app that is called Measure. Yes, you are almost closer to guess the right answer. It will help you to measure real-world object, all you need to do is just pointing your camera at them.

Screen Time

Today everyone is getting phone addict. One can’t simply live without it. If you are not using your iPhone too much but maybe your kids are using them excessively. If you are worried about them then new iOS 12 feature Screen Time will help you a lot.

Apps help us to do so many things that most of the time we forget when hours have been passed. For time pass purpose they are good but what if they are affecting our output and creativity. You need to be really concerned about it, right?

Don’t worry here is Screen Time for you. So what does it actually do? It actually tracks down things like how much time you are giving to any particular app, website or other activity. This is actually not just for your kids for you too as we know you too are get addicted to your iPhone.


Hope you like the ScreenTime now lets us tell you about updated notifications. Notification management in iOS 12 is much advanced as it will help you to deal with interruptions in the much better way.

Now you can manage notifications in real time right from the lock screen. From sending notifications to a specific app to Notification Center or turning them off altogether, all things can be done flawlessly.

Siri also learns how you are interacting with your notifications. Learning from your behavior it will take care of future notifications. Moreover, notification topics and message threads are grouped together so you can get a quick glance at things that are more important.

Do Not Disturb

Finally, Apple decided to add Do Not Disturb or DND feature in a new update. Actually, this was a feature that was much needed. Rivalry Android brought it in Android P.
Anyways as you can see that Apple is focusing more on a feature that makes our life easier and DND is one more gift from Apple.

Sometimes you don’t want to attend calls, read messages, etc. at that time you can activate DND. Yes, you can use Flight mode or silent mode but it is more advanced. It let you set the time when you don’t want to use the DND features for instance if your meeting ends in 1 hours then simply choose the time and after the meeting, your phone get back to normal mode.

Believe us this is an important feature as sometimes you may probably forget to turn on your iPhone or switch to normal mode, yes it happens.

Photo Sharing

iOS 12 has a special For You tab that will show you your memorable moments from your photo library. That’s not it, it intelligently detects the face and quickly suggests you to share the pick with the people in them.

Apart from this, there is smart photo search feature in iOS 12. Magically it will search photos for you that you are exactly looking for. With the first word you type it will start suggesting you photos, you will see suggestions for people, recent events, and places.

If you are not happy with the result then you can add multiple keywords.  The more you use the feature more it becomes powerful. In short, it keeps learning from you.

Siri Shortcuts

This feature will be fun to use. Now Siri can intelligently pair your daily routines with any third party app and suggest you convenient shortcuts.

For instance, if you are booking a cab regularly to go office then Siri will learn your routine and next time simply suggest you Uber or any other cab booking service which you are using on the lock screen.

Now instead of tapping on it, you can also run it using your voice or you can also create a new shortcut with Shortcuts app.


Apple is famous for protecting customer privacy. According to Apple privacy is basic human right that is why iOS has been developed with on-device intelligence, built-in encryption, and other security things. iOS 12 also has an advanced privacy layer. Most of the websites keep tracks your behavior and identity etc.

To stop them Apple takes a big step. Now in Safari while browsing to any website you will not find any share buttons or comment widgets. As you know how advertisers track you down and retarget you with your products. If you are getting annoyed by this then you will really appreciate the Apple as Safari also prevents the advertisers to collect your data like IP address, device info etc.

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Other iOS 12 Features

Apple iOS 12 features don’t end. They are too much. Now instead of going in-depth let’s know some more iOS 12 features quickly

Apple Books: iOS 12 has redesigned Apple Books app that will let you discover, read, and listen to your favorite books.

Stock Apps: Stock apps also has been redesigned. Now it is available to iPad and iPhone. Now stay updated with the market with charts, live stock quotes, and not to forget best financial advice from Apple News.

Voice Memos: If you are mission Voice Memos on iPad then you will glad to know that it comes to iPad now with iCloud. Now access your voice memos from anywhere.

Apple News: Apple tweak Apple News so you can jump straight to your favorite topics or channels without any delay.

Automatic Strong Passwords: iOS 12 will now create complex and unique passwords for your all websites and app. It will be saved in Safari and in apps. This will enhance the security level of your accounts.

Autofill OTP: Sometimes it is difficult to remember long OTPs but don’t worry iOS 12 will take care of it. It will automatically fill up your OTP as soon you get any OTP.

iOS 12 Compatible Device

After reading all iOS features you might want to upgrade your existing OS as soon as possible. To make things simple for you we have a list of devices that are compatible with iOS 12.

iPhone iPad iPod
iPhone X 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation iPod touch 6th generation
iPhone 8 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st generation
iPhone 8 Plus 10.5-inch iPad Pro
iPhone 7 9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPhone 7 Plus iPad 6th generation
iPhone 6s iPad 5th generation
iPhone 6s Plus iPad Air 2
iPhone 6 iPad Air
iPhone 6 Plus iPad mini 4
iPhone SE iPad mini 3
iPhone 5s iPad mini 2

Tell us in the comment section which iOS 12 feature you like the most and also tell us the feature that you want to see in future iOS update.

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