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iOS 12 has been unveiled with lots of amazing feature. As Apple promised iOS 12 is truly a performance-based OS but the thing is it comes with endless features. The list was so long that only major features were covered in WWDC 2018. Here we are mentioning top 10 iOS 12 features that Apple didn’t talk about.

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10 iOS 12 Features

New iPad Gestures

iOS 12 comes with anew dedicated new gesture controls for Apple iPads. You can do multiple smart things using gestures for instance to access the Control Center swipe down from the right top corner, swiping up anywhere on screen will take you back to the home screen. It seems that Apple borrowed most of gestures from iPhone X.

Longer Animoji

If you have used the Animoji feature in iPhone X then you surely know that it lasts only for 10 seconds. Most of the people want them to be longer. Apple heard them and roll an update for Animoji, now you can able to create an Animoji that last for 30 seconds. That’s not it the new update is able to track your tongue and detect a wink movement now. Now create an Animoji that would not just last long but give a life like an experience.

Critical Alerts

iOS 12 comes up with advance notification features that are obviously pretty much advanced than the older one but Apple didn’t mention that it comes with Critical Alerts. Notifications that come under this category were given a high priority status that can even bypass the Do Not Disturb mode. These are the notifications or messages that are mostly sent by your doctor.

Raw Photo Support

Wait a minute, RAW photos are supported by iOS already, right? Obviously yes but the thing that makes is worth mentioning is its new update. Actually now you can easily import or manage RAW photos onto your iPads and iPhones. You are able to find RAW photos easily among thousands of your photos. Moreover, you can edit them too but the sad part is this feature is exclusive only to iPad Pro.

Faster Animations

Before the WWDC 2018, Apple officially announced that their newer upgrades will have more focus on performance and they are now true to their words. iOS 12 is a really an OS that can be titled as performance-based OS. iOS 12 performance boost is not just limited to apps but it features faster animations. This includes navigating through the interface or scrolling through multiple applications, swiping up for Control Center and more. It is said that iOS 12 will offer a much smoother and seamless experience.

Better Portraits

iOS 12 has some updates for the camera too. Now you can capture better portrait mode pictures. The new update will create a virtual mask on faces so that it can distinguish the subject and background. This will ultimately give a well focused natural looking photos. If you are a developer then immediately get hands-on Portrait Segmentation API this will let you integrate face detection feature in your apps.

Stronger Passwords

If you are tired of creating unique, long, and powerful passwords then let us tell you that once you upgrade your device to iOS 12 you will not to be worried about passwords again. iOS 12 will suggest you unique and stronger passwords within apps. After generating passwords you can save them on iCloud Keychain so you can easily access them. That’s not it, iOS 12 will also stop you from choosing the same password between two apps. If you don’t have time to access iCloud Keychain then Siri will help you to remember your password but for security purpose, it contains only hints.

OTP Autofill

Today most of the big services, for instance, Google or Facebook let you set two-way authentication, this will simply not let you login till you fulfill the two condition. The condition could be password plus OTP or password plus mail containing the link. If you are not able to fulfill the requirement then you are not able to login to your account. This security feature is great but filling the OTP again and again can be hectic but don’t worry as iOS 12 has a better solution for you. As soon you will get an OTP it will be auto-filled by the system. No need to remember them. It will be instant and fast.

New QR Code Reader

iOS 12 will now highlight the QR code only, instead of showing a banner for them in the app. It is much like document scanning feature that you simply found in the Notes app.

More Battery Information

If you always want to get more insights about your battery then immediately upgrade to iOS 12 as soon it will arrive. With iOS 12 you can now check how much battery is eaten by any particular app for the last 24 hours or 10 days. Clicking on an app will give you further app usages.

If you come to know about some more iOS 12 features that we forget to mention here then feel free to tell us in the below comment box.

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