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How many of you want to use your iPhone with Windows? Obviously everyone especially the one who are reading this post, right?

First let us clear you that Apple officially launched a utility called iCloud for Windows which synchronizes photos, information, files etc. with your Windows powered system. While this approach seems seamless know that it doesn’t let you access all of the features and have some limitations.

How to Use iPhone With Windows

iCloud for Windows

As a minimum, all iPhone users are able to sync photos, files, and bookmarks with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer using iCloud for Windows.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later then apart from accessing your mails you can seamlessly sync your iPhone’s reminders, calendars, and contacts too.

Installation Process

First of all, you need to download iCloud for Windows.

Run the iCloudSetup.exe. When the installation will finish you need to restart your computer.

Open the app and enter your Apple ID and password.

It will come up with preferences screen. Pick the ones that suits you best.

That’s it, simple isn’t? Now depending on the speed of your internet and size of your data, it will take some time to sync.

How to Use iPhone With Windows

iCloud for Windows Features

File & Photo Sharing

When you open Windows File Explorer you will notice some new folders have been added to your systems like iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos.

iCloud Drive: It contains all your files and folder that are saved to iCloud Drive, including Apple’s Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files. Moreover iOS apps too.

Now it is obvious that you can’t open all files but yes you can open, view, and edit certain files like PDFs, Word files etc.

iCloud Photos: This feature three folders: Downloads, Uploads, and Shared. All functions different. Don’t consider themselves as a normal folder. Downloads folder contains all of your photos. When you add any photos to Uploads folder then it automatically updates the uploaded photos in your Photos app. Now coming to the third one which is Shared. It helps you to share photos right from your Windows system.

Microsoft Outlook: If you are on Outlook then you can see your iCloud contacts, calendars, and reminders but there are some limitations of it like:

  • You are not allowed to share files from your PC to other users.
  • Notes can’t be synced with Microsoft Outlook.
  • If you don’t use Microsoft Outlook then you need to install it on your system otherwise you are not able to sync your iPhone Contacts, Reminders and Calendar.

If you found it uncomfortable then you can simply log in to using your Apple ID and password obviously.

The first time you need to go through two-factor authentication. Make sure to check to Keep me signed in the box so you don’t have to log in every time. Not recommended if your system is used by multiple users.

After login, you can access lots of new features. More you explore more you will find new things. Let’s know some important ones. It has Find iPhone feature that let you activate lost mode or you can also erase your iPhone data in case it lost.

It let you create and edit Pages, Numbers documents, and Keynote. If you have never used it then make sure to give it a try. Thanks, us later as you will enjoy using them.

You can choose either way to access your data. It is all up to your comfort level. If you have any question like you are feeling any trouble using any section then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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