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How to Use iPhone With Windows

How many of you want to use your iPhone with Windows? Obviously everyone especially the one who are reading this post, right? First let us clear you that Apple officially launched a utility called iCloud for Windows which synchronizes photos, information, files…Read More »

10 iOS 12 Features Apple Didn’t Talk About

iOS 12 has been unveiled with lots of amazing feature. As Apple promised iOS 12 is truly a performance-based OS but the thing is it comes with endless features. The list was so long that only major features were covered in WWDC…Read More »

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iOS 12 Features Full List

After huge waiting iOS 12 has been finally launched. As you must be aware of the fact that iOS 12 features list is too long still we tried to sum up all of them here in this post. If you want to…Read More »

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The New macOS Mojave Features & System Requirements

After huge waiting, Apple has finally announced the latest version of macOS which is macOS 10.14. The company named the new version ‘Mojave’. Now don’t pronounce it has ‘Mo Jave’ because according to the company it is pronounced as Mo Harvey. It…Read More »

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The All New Apple watchOS 5 Features

There has been rumor around that Apple Watch will get new design but finally, all rumor shuts when Apple unveiled that there is no change in design. So what’s new? Well despite of working on design this time Apple introduces latest features…Read More »

How to Automate Tasks with Workflow

Are you using IFTTT? If your answer is yes then you are here to know about the better alternative of it, if your answer is no, then know that IFTTT is a free service that helps you to automate your apps and…Read More »